The story

Brent Rourke, wood artisan and cabinetmaker, makes his home here alongside The Barn in Bloomfield wood working shop, wholesale and retail business. The property originally belonged to Warren Titus (born March 11, 1872), the son of Gilbert Titus. From the early days, the original barn and home were adapted to the changing needs of the owners, most recently to accommodate the needs of Brent and Susan Rourke’s family and business, but the home and barn continue to retain their historic integrity.

This respect for the past can be seen in Brent Rourke’s creations. Brent’s love of the simple shaker style, and the craftsmanship of those early designs, led him to try his hand at bending wood in the fashion of the Shakers. The result was very successful and led to an internationally-acclaimed home-based business. The Shaker-inspired designs are built to last, and intended to be handed down from generation to generation. One of the symbols associated with the Shakers is the “Tree of Life”, an important Shaker symbol with its branches that reach into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, signifying the link between heaven & earth, uniting above and below.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : The Barn in Bloomfield


Tree of Life

569 Route 121, Bloomfield, New Brunswick

Latitude : 45.59112 Longitude : -65.75707

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