Barn quilters are all about sharing. Here are some documents that you can use to get started.

Most popular is the Host Agreement. Review carefully to reflect the nature of your situation. If you develop something that you want to share with others, please contact Mary Simpson and we’ll review.

Need help? View our resources help at the bottom of this page.

Ontario Barn Quilt Trails-Logos, Logo agreement, and Guidelines

This zip file contains our logos and branding files, as well as our brand standards guide. Use of the logo is subject to those guidelines.

Download: OBQT Logos, logo agreement, and guidelines


Sample Host Agreement

sample-host-agreement is a MS Word document your community can use as a draft for preparing the agreement between the Barn Quilt Committee and the property owner who agrees to host a barn quilt on their barn or heritage building. Add your logo and carefully edit to reflect your particular arrangement

Download: Sample Host Agreement

Sample Host Survey Form

Here is an example of a survey of potential hosts. Add your project name and logo and revise to reflect the nature and terms of your project.

Download: Sample Host Survey Form

Sample Letter to Host

Here is an example of a letter to a potential host. Add your project name and logo and revise to reflect the nature and terms of your project’s request.

Download: Sample Letter to Host

Sample Photo Release

Here is a sample release form for people to sign when you are filming or photographing for your website, social media, or videos. In this age of decreasing privacy, Mary Simpson likes to announce to a group that she is taking pictures and “Is there anyone who would not like to be filmed because it is possible that we will share some of the images taken today on-line as part of our promotion program”. Only a fraction of the photos we take get used on-line but we should be sensitive to people’s varying preferences to privacy.

Download: Sample Photo Release

Sample Press Release

Sample press release form to help you get started. Keep the press up to date with periodic press releases and document your project on a Facebook Page.

Download: Sample Press Release

Volunteer Form

Do your best to keep track of volunteers so you can thank them formally when the project is complete. And keep track of the hours worked. It is a great statistic to share when the project is done. It is all part of tracking the community’s in-kind contribution.

Download: Volunteer Form


Resources Help

We use a number of file types depending on the type of document we are sharing with you.

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