Barn quilts are eight-foot square (and larger) painted replicas of actual fabric quilt blocks installed on barns. Barn quilts draw attention to Canada’s disappearing rural landscapes, timber frame barns, and the family farm.

  • Barn Quilts tell a story,
  • Barn Quilts draw attention to unmarked historical places
  • Barn Quilts make a trail
  • Barn Quilts can create a themed route
  • Barn Quilts lead visitors from one site to the next
  • Barn Quilts are rural eye candy glimpsed as we roll down our rural highways.

Barn quilts work with social media. The aim of this website is to show every barn quilt in Ontario to the day tripper planning an excursion to the country. Travellers want a paper map, but they also love their smart phones and GPS devices. Make sure your community’s trail is registered at this site so travellers can find your trail and your local maps and websites.

Barn quilts inspire communities to get on the trail. hopes to inspire rural communities across Canada to appreciate and market their assets via barn quilts. This eye-catching folk art attracts visitors and helps our rural communities put themselves on the map.