Become a Trail Sponsor

To get more exposure, put your brand up in lights here at This sponsorship sustains your local trail by keeping this website fresh and functioning. Trail Sponsors get their brand highlighted on this website and help sustain this network.

Ontario Barn Quilt Trails is a network of trail organizers sharing resources, tips, and tricks. Through collaboration, all of the local projects have built one powerful website instead of many separate smaller websites. This helps tourists easily plan their trip anywhere in Ontario. Sponsors and trail projects benefit by being part of a movement rather than a confusing patchwork of many websites and on-line maps.

A Trail Sponsor pays $500 annually to the Ontario Barn Quilt Trails network and $100 goes paid back to their local project to defray costs of maps and brochures. The balance sustains this network of barn quilt trails and this website.

Pat Dubyk, Prince Edward County Barn Quilt Trail and the Home Hardware sponsors.