Sponsor a Barn Quilt: Be a local sponsor

Ask around your community or send us an email to find out if there is a trail project near your business.  Local businesses and non-profit groups are the key to a successful barn quilt project.

If you help out with cash or in-kind service, your business name will be highlighted beside one of the barn quilts on your trail page here at Barnquilttrails.ca.  Along with all the photos and stories about your local trail, there will be live link leading right to your organization’s web page.

Your business can:

  • Help buy the paint, boards, and supplies.
  • Sponsor a map published on paper that can be available throughout the community.
  • Sponsor a barn quilt(s) along the route.
  • Pay to have a barnquilt installed at a business location.
  • Help organize a community project.
  • Send your staff or members to a painting workshop.
  • Help manage a website and social media sites.
  • Pay for good photographs that can be used in promotional materials.
  • Support the coordination and promotional efforts.