Barn quilts and barn quilt trails, have become signature projects in rural areas across the country

Barn quilt projects are spreading across Canada.  These projects bring our communities together.  Youth, elders, busy farmers, new residents, older timers, history buffs, business owners. A barn quilt project seems to get everyone involved.  (You have to be pretty cynical to dislike barn quilts.)

We think barn quilts have a positive impact on our rural landscape and economies.   Here are the results communities are aiming for:

  1. Communities find innovative ways to get themselves “on the map”.
  2. Barn quilts tell the stories of successive waves of immigrants to rural Ontario.
  3. Farms, businesses, and communities install barn quilts as part of their promotion strategies.
  4. People paint and install barn quilts as part of their outdoor gardening and landscaping projects.
  5. Heritage barns are noticed, appreciated, and perhaps even preserved.
  6. Community volunteers are engaged in a creative project.
  7. Elementary and secondary schools are involved.
  8. Barn quilts enhance curriculum – local history, agricultural heritage, geometry, textile arts.
  9. Artists and artisans connect with their community.
  10. Youth teach community leaders and businesses to use social media.
  11. Rural communities become more techno-savvy and narrow the “digital gap”.
  12. Rural Ontario’s unique and authentic cultural resources are highlighted.
  13. Rural communities connect with the travelling public.
  14. Travelling audiences access detailed information prior and during trip.
  15. Investment in cultural tourism is increased.
  16. Travelling throughout rural Ontario is an enhanced experience.
  17. Cultural tourism is better understood by policy makers.