The story

Welcome to the Norton crossroads! Since its settlement by Loyalists in the late 1780s, Norton has found itself at the crossroads for generations of travelers. That’s why this quilt block pattern – Crossroads – is such an appropriate selection. In earlier years, the river was the highway to this village. Durham boats and canoes were used to carry people and goods up river. Before a bridge was constructed, the river was forded at the shallows; or travelers could employ Ruth Stark, a local woman who ferried passengers across the Kennebecasis. People wishing to cross would ring a bell alerting Ruth at her nearby home; she would come and row them across the river for a small fee.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Hall Brothers



308 Route 124, Norton, New Brunswick

Latitude : 45.64182 Longitude : -65.70266

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