The story

As 2017 is an extremely special year for Canada celebrating its 150th, and Huron County as it hosts the IPM it’s an Extremely Special year for my family. We will forever remember this as the year that we took over the legacy left to me by my parents. So Fittingly namin our quilt ” The Homestead”. Hanging this barn quilt was an incredible moment for me, my husband and my young boys 5 and 2. It was the defining moment of making the farm ours. It’s bright colours reflect our optimism for our bright future raising our bouys on this property. The animal tower reflects all the wonderful memories I have growing up with all the animals of a tradtional family farm, but ours often ranged from ordinary to exotic or unusual. Many will remember my father for his years of contribution to “Old MacDonalds Farm” at the Seaforth fall fair. The animal tower comes from a folk tale where a group of animals deemed “past their prime”, ward off thieves and get the last laugh. The pop of colour it adds to the farm, is similar to the rush of excitement and pride I feel in my heart. While the patterned border has no beginning or no end, but is a continuous repeating pattern, just like the cycles in nature. And of cours, I couldn’t miss adding the year which made my father 18 years young then he bought his first of many farm properties. I am beyond thrilled to offer my children the same sanctuary, from all the crziness of the world beyond. As their eyes tinkle with amazement touching the animals I’m transported right back to my child hood, because lets be honest there is a part of us all that never grows up

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Becky Campbell Belfour


The Homestead

43150 Bridge Rd Seaforth,ON

Latitude : 43.5772 Longitude : -81.3485

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