The story

This farm has been our family home since 1978. It began as a hog and cash crop operation but has been only cas crops since 2008. We grow corn, wheat, soybeans and white beans. Our four children were born and raised in McKillop Twp. Even though they are spread from Seaforth to Blenheim, Calgary and New Zealand, they still love to come home. It had been almost 3 years since they were last together when they all came to the farm at the beginning of June. Our daughter in law to be heard about the barn quilt phenomena and was excited to produce an 8×8. In the space of a long weekend she planned, sketched and painted. Everyon had input and helped paint or encouraged. The finished product was mounted nine days after it was started. It depicts the crops we grow and John’s favorite past-time! We called it “Family Reunion” as we dont’ get together often but we worked hard to create a piece of family history to treasure for years to come.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : John & Marian VanDooren


Family Reunion

80500 Roxboro Line, Seaforth,ON

Latitude : 43.58346 Longitude : -81.39781

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