The story

One of the most used and loved quilts in our home is one from the early 1900’s. A simple rail fence design it is made from scraps, old clothing and odds and sods. Individually these fabric pieces had little usefulness yet pieced together formed a beautiful quilt. Made with velvet, corduroy and denim the quilt is heavy, thick and the perfect quilt to curl up with for an afternoon nap. Our barn quilt ……is a simple rail fence design made from scraps of paint from various projects throughout our home. Individually, the half empty cans of paint would not cover a wall but worked together nicely to create this barn quilt. The Rail Fence barn quilt reminds us to find beauty in simplicity and with a bit of “this and that” you can do a lot.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Don & Catherine Allen


Rail Fence

82293 Bandon Line, Blyth, ON

Latitude : 43.69235 Longitude : -81.42838

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