The story

The barn quilt we designed was primarly inspired by our family and animals we raise on the farm. In 1972, Dan’s grandfather George bought the farm to be able to have pasture for his beef cows. In 1987, Dan’s father Harve took over the farm and the cattle. Then we were blessed to be able to buy the farm in 2003. Over the years our family has made wonderful memories here including our wedding in 1997. Since then along with our four children and Harve’s continued help our farm has become a great source of pride which we wanted to include in our barn quilt. We wanted to incorporate some of our animals on our barn quilt since they are a huge part of our farm. The main two animals are our beef cattle and our horses. It’s not uncommon to see Dan and the kids on horseback moving cattle, roping and enjoying trail rides on the farm. Anyone who visits us knows they will be greeted by several other animals here whether it’s one of the roosters, chickens, curious goats, ducks wandering through the flowerbeds or our two dogs and many cats on the porch. So that is why we chose to add a rooster and a goat to our barn quilt. Michelle’s mom Lin Souliere helped draw out the animals and we all helped measure and paint the design. The barn quilt was a great family project that we enjoyed working on and which we will enjoy for years to come.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Dan & Michelle Hoggart


Hoggart Barn Quilt

82121 Dutch Line, Londesboro ON

Latitude : 43.71326 Longitude : -81.49826

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