The story

My husband always dreamed of owning a farm, he spent days as a child helping at his Grandpas farm down the road. After we got married we reached for that dream and purchased our small farm 9 years ago, seeing it as a great place to plant our roots and start our little family. The next few months my husband worked hard to fix the barn that had been empty for years so we could once again fill it with cattle. In 2010 my husband then began making the shop roar with engines after starting his own business, DK Small Engine Repair. Throughout those years we brought home 3 beautiful children and looked forward to teaching them about life on the farm. In 2012 we experienced a barn fire. Fortunately we were able to save all the animals and were left with minor damages we were able to repair. It was soon filled with cattle again. the fire inspired my husband to join the Blyth Fire Department in order to help others who might experience what we did. Today the repair shop has closed down but the barn is booming with cattle, lambs, chickens, ponies and more. We are encouraging and teaching our children the love of farming just like we each did growing up. Our quilt includes the maple leaf to symbolize that we are proud to be Canadian. The Star of Life symbolizes myself proudly serving as a Paramedic in Huron County for 10 years. The Fire Fighter Crest symbolizes my husband proudly serving as a Fire Fighter for FHNH for 5 years. The 3 small hand prints symbolizes the blessing of our 3 children, the helping hands and future of our farm and our community. Finally the compass symbolizes that when ever we are lost, home will always be here to guide our way home.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Don & Katrina Greidanus


First Responder

82271 London Rd., Londesborough, ON

Latitude : 43.7096 Longitude : -81.4722

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