The story

Oak Plains – In November 1830 on the oak plains of South Yarmouth Township the “First Yarmouth Regular Baptist Church” was established as a Branch of the Iona or First Southwold Baptist Church. It became a separate church in March, 1833, meeting in a log cabin. In 1835 – 1838, a new church was erected and the name “First Yarmouth Baptist Church” was adopted, commonly known as “Plains.”

In 1912 the original building was renovated and enlarged. In 1981 that building was demolished and the present building was built. In May 1991 an oak tree was planted on the north lawn of the church and dedicated to the children of the congregation. In 2002 the Oak Hall and kitchen were expanded to the west and a canopy and steeple were added. Labour on the new structure and on the addition was done by members of the congregation.


Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : First Yarmouth Plains Baptist Church


Oak Plains

6071 Fairview Rd, St. Thomas, ON

Latitude : 42.70324 Longitude : -81.16762

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