The story

Beechwood, north of Ridgetown, where Victoria Rd. and Beechwood Line meet, was once a thriving community. The Guyitt Family chose to incorporate a Beechwood tree into the design of their barn quilt to honour the original settlement and the proud spirit that remains. The colours used represent the changing seasons, as well as the community’s changes through time. The hand-painted gold vine details echo the entwining support enjoyed by residents of this close-knit neighbourhood.
In 1833, this area was known as Buller’s Corners. It is unclear when this area was rechristened Beechwood likely for the abundance of the trees nearby. The first schoolhouse, built with logs, evolved over time and was replaced by a brick school in 1880. Today, the former school serves as a home and overlooks the Guyitt’s barn quilt.
Today, Beechwood Church, Beechwood Women’s Institute, and the Beechwood Echo are history. The first-in-the-area 4H Homemaking Club, political debates, spelling bees, displays, and demonstrations of handicrafts and homemaking skills all brought life to the vicinity. There were community wedding showers, shivarees, Christmas concerts, ball games, card and Halloween parties, church suppers and picnics–all boasting the very best home-cooked food. These celebrations were held at the church, the school, or in people’s homes. In times of need, community members never hesitated to pitch in to help one another.
Beechwood is still a tight-knit, caring community, where friends and neighbours embrace every opportunity to have a good time. “To this day, residents are proud to call Beechwood home.”



21135 Victoria Rd, Ridgetown, ON

Latitude : 42.4762 Longitude : -81.90335

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