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Horse Over the Barn

The “Horse over the Barn Door” is an original design by Debra Jackson in the style of a foundation paper pieced block design.

The primary motif is a horse that reminds property owner Steve Brackenridge of his grandfather Ernest’s passion for Belgians, Clydesdales and Percherons.This property has long been in the Brackenridge family, and Steven recalls his father’s tales of being sent to bring in the always crafty and elusive horses from the pasture and nearby woods.

Bordering the subject are stalks of wheat that record the long history of growing grain on what the Brackenridge family maintains is some of the best farmland in the township. Ernest, Steve says, was always proud of the wheat he grew, and rightly so. The Belgian horses that Ernest Brackenridge owned were used in the sugar bush on the farm right up until 1988. Nowadays, while maple syrup is still produced on the farm, Steve concedes that the horses he owns are pets. However, wheat is still a vital part of the crop rotation on what the family proudly claims is probably “the best dirt” around; well drained and sandy.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Steven & Amy Brackenridge


Horse Over the Barn

1445 Carmel Line Cavan Monaghan, ON

Latitude : 44.12489 Longitude : -78.38196

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