The story

 This is a 4 generation Herrington family farm. Gravel and stone were originally hauled out of a pit on this farm by horse and wagon in the early 1900`s.  When Townsend Line became a paved highway, the gravel from this pit was used to build up the road…..hence the quilt design chosen-”Stepping Stones”.

Over the years, the Herringtons have had pigs and chickens and named their farm”Green Acres”, based on the TV show with the same name!

You may see many other “Herrington” names on the mailboxes in this area….there are many of them and all are related!!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Mary and Ernie Herrington


Stepping Stones

9318 Townsend Line, Arkona, ON

Latitude : 43.06465 Longitude : -81.7746

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