The story

This lovely farm was bought and settled in 1906 by one of four generations of McAlpines to own and operate this farm, as well as other farms in the area. Donald was the first McAlpine to immigrate to Canada from Scotland and settle in this area.

The current fourth generation Don and his wife Marg are proud to be farmers and recognize the importance of seasonal changes of sun, rain and wind on the products gained from the land. In addition to growing hay, corn, beans and wheat, they have always raised beef cattle. They feel strongly that everyone should see, experience and thereby better understand what farming is all about. For this reason, Don and Marg have proudly chosen the barn quilt design-”Rural Roots” to adorn their barn. Note the Scottish Thistle, depicting their Scottish roots and the evidence of cattle found in the design. This powerful quilt design illustrates the pride and love of farming, stemming down through four generations of McAlpines!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt :        Don and Marg McAlpine


Rural Roots

4244 Elginfield Rd, Ailsa Craig, ON

Latitude : 43.1556 Longitude : -81.55414

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