The story

Ian`s parents -Joan and Percy Brebner purchased the farm in 1945, after Percy left the Air Force, following the war. The property was bought through the Veteran`s Land Act from a W. McLachlan and had a house and barn on it.. Percy and Joan  moved onto the farm in 1946 and had eight children. When Percy died in the early 80`s, Ian and his brother Mark purchased the farm and continued on with dairy farming, as started by their father. In 1992, Mark and Ian switched to cash cropping, which they still do. The Brebner farm has been on this property 70 years…quite an achievement!

Ian remains a bachelor….hence the name of the quilt block!!

The red and white colours?….what better way to show the Brebner family`s long standing support of the Liberal party!!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt :        Ian Brebner


Bachelor’s Puzzle

31809 Sylvan Rd, Parkhill,ON

Latitude : 43.1298 Longitude : -81.78216

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