Cheryl Gardiner and Lindsay McKay

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Cheryl Gardiner and Lindsay McKay

Professional painters Lindsay McKay, at left, and her mother Cheryl Gardiner.

“I have retired from doing signs and concentrate now only on the barn quilts … I went from being called Cheryl’s Signs to Gardiner’s Gate Barn Quilts.”
Her daughter, Lindsay McKay, has joined the enterprise.

“Lindsay has the gift of being very artistic. I run the show but Lindsay handles the fancy stuff… painting pictures of customers’ dogs on quilts from a photo, peacock feathers, the Case tractor eagle. Anything quite intricate is her job.”

Gardiner’s quilts have “flown” to far-flung destinations. “I have shipped to Cape Breton University (Nova Scotia), Wisconsin, and Minnesota so far. These people have found us through Facebook. Several small ones have been bought by local buyers as gifts and shipped to several different states; New York was one I know for sure.”

Gardiner delights in telling the tale of her trans-Atlantic transplants via a woman from England. “She was visiting a quilter here who just had to bring her here to see what barn quilts are. I have a studio made up out of a used Hertz rent-all van body. It is stocked with ready-to-go barn quilts of all sizes, patterns, colours. She bought four small ones and packed them in her suitcase and she now has the first ones in England.”

Gardiner’s Gate Custom Handcrafted Barn Quilts is located at 16050 Ilderton Road, and can be contacted at 519-461-9344. Or visit them on Facebook.

— Special to the St. Marys Journal Argus, Aug 04, 2016.  Click here for entire article.

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