The story

In 1871 James and Amelia Hawker bought the south half of the current farm from the Canada Company and on it built a cabin and sawmill. In 1875, they bought the north half. In later years they built a frame house with a stone foundation on this northern section. In 1881, David and Mary Steeper bought the entire farm of 150 acres from the mortgage company for $4000!

The Steepers built the ‘bank barn’ in the mid 1880`s and in 1906 built a new yellow brick veneer house directly behind the frame house to replace the latter dwelling. This brick house still stands today and has undergone an extensive renovation and an addition in 1990.

Though the farm has grown and changed, it still belongs to the Steeper family and will enjoy yet another generation as a transition from father to son is due to take place in 2019-20. In fact it was this son and his wife who chose the quilt block design, mounted on the north side of the old bank barn. The pattern “Turkey Tracks” is a fitting design for this turkey farming operation. The pattern and colours also have hidden meaning to the Steeper family because it exemplifies their mixed heritage of English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch and Swiss roots.

A beautiful design for a beautiful farm!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Glen and Judy Steeper                   


Turkey Tracks

    35648 Grand Bend Rd., Parkhill, ON                

Latitude : 43.23378 Longitude : -81.68345

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