The story

  The Municipality of North Middlesex was incorporated on January 1, 2001 through the amalgamation of five municipalities: the Townships of East Williams, West Williams and McGillivray, the Town of Parkhill and Village of Ailsa Craig.  It need be noted that all areas were settled in the 1800`s by immigrants largely from England, Ireland and Scotland, who bought tracts of land from the Canada Company.  Many needed to clear the land of trees first in order to farm the rich soil.

The design “The North Star” was appropriately chosen.  The five lines on the brown leaf portray a plowed field and also the merger of the five areas of the municipality. The combination of the field and leaf symbolizes the natural beauty and agricultural heritage of North Middlesex.  The addition of the compass arrow over the “o” in “North” represents the direction of “North” in the municipality`s name. The colours chosen are both corporate and bold to represent nature and the approachability of the municipality.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt :  Municipality of North Middlesex- Arena


The North Star

256 McLeod St., Parkhill

Latitude : 43.15657 Longitude : -81.68195

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