The story

The Ailsa Craig Town Hall was built in 1906 at a cost of $5,000.00.    It replaced a previous smaller structure that housed the village Clerk’s Office and was also used for the village Council meetings.  The population of Ailsa Craig at this time was 1000 similar to what it is today.

The two-story Town Hall was constructed as a multi-purpose facility.  It housed the Council chambers, Clerks Office, Fire Hall, village lockup (jail), library, meeting hall and on the second floor, a theatre complete with a proscenium arch and beautiful wrought iron balcony.  The Town Hall theatre was the entertainment centre for Ailsa Craig and the surrounding area with many varied performances on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Notable entertainers who graced the Town Hall stage were Tommy Hunter and Michael Burgess (the Phantom of the Opera).

On January 1st 2000 the Municipality of North Middlesex was formed with the amalgamation of five surrounding municipalities and the Ailsa Craig Town Hall closed.  In 2001, after 94 years as the hub of the community of Ailsa Craig, this venerable building was declared surplus and put up for sale. A steering committee called Friends of Ye Olde Towne Hall formed and drew up a business plan which was presented to the new council of North Middlesex.

On August 12th 2002 the municipality of North Middlesex and Friends of Ye Olde Towne Hall entered into an agreement allowing the Friends to preserve and manage this historic building for use by the residents of North Middlesex and the community at large.  In November 2002 the Friends formed a permanent management board, achieved charitable status and were incorporated as a “not for profit” charity. As 2006 was the Towne Hall’s centennial a grand celebration was held to mark this historic milestone.  The Ye Olde Towne Hall now hosts numerous varied programs and performing arts performances for all ages.

Our Ye Olde Towne Hall is the only original Town Hall left standing and in use in the Municipality of North Middlesex.

The quilt block was chosen by the board of Ye Olde Towne Hall because it contains the colours of the Town Hall`s emblem.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Ye Olde Towne Hall


Crow’s Feet

160 Main St., Ailsa Craig

Latitude : 43.14749 Longitude : -81.53527

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