The story

“The Bear Paw” I chose this pattern because it is the latest quiIt I made and enjoyed making it with my sister, as she made hers-with very different colours.We even used Face Time to ask questions and check on each other’s progress when not together. Red is one of my favourite colours and so I went with it. I can see my barn quilt from my kitchen window and so I get to enjoy it everyday. It was made by my nephew Bryan Regier of regierdesigns in Grand Bend. My husband Pat, made a frame around the back and another one inside the barn. Then he erected it himself with a tractor , pulleys, etc. He used many screws to secure it to the barn. Pat and I have lived here for over 52 years. We have eight children, 25 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Similar to every quilt , they are each unique and bring us tons of joy and pride. Pat used the barn for over 20 years for farrow to finish hogs. We had 50 sows at one point. He also went out to work with his brother doing brickwork for many years. My mother taught me how to quilt as a teen ager but I didn’t do much until I was nearly 40. She taught me how to appliqué and in later years I taught her how to make tops by machine. She had given me 5 quilts when I got married. All of them were well used as our house is big and was cold upstairs in the winter. They are all pretty well worn out now. I gave a quilt to each of my children when they got married. Also to most of the baby grandchildren. A few jean laptops have gone to college and universities with my older grandchildren. None of my quilts would win a prize in a quilt contest but I have enjoyed making them so much. I still have a quilt up on a smaller frame almost year round. I am still trying to use up all of my scraps. I enjoy quilting mostly in the evening as I watch T.V.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Pat and Evelyn Reiger


The Bear Paw

72020 Bronson Line, Zurich, ON

Latitude : 43.38393 Longitude : -81.64282

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