The story

The Taylor Farm is situated in a picturesque valley of East Wawanosh Township, on Nature Centre Road, south of Belgrave, north of Blyth, and west of Huron County Highway 4. Farmed by the Taylor family for three generations, Thomas Taylor, Melvin Taylor and currently Bill Taylor. These three generations are represented in our quilt design by the three layers of star formations. We hope our family will continue owning this farm in future generations. The white circle represents unending love. Doreen and Bill love to host family and friends where many wonderful memories are shared. The attention to detail is a reflection of their love and commitment. Together they work, side by side, to accomplish tasks and demonstrate a strong work ethic required of farmers. Today, Doreen and Bill are semi-retired, happy, and thankful. You may see a common theme throughout this farm. The yellow and green in our quilt design has multiple representation. Firstly, we love John Deere Farming Equipment. Bill and Doreen, their children, Glen, Marion and Murray, their Spouses, and the seven Grandchildren all love to drive JD Tractors! Additionally, the green colour in the quilt block represents recycling, composting, re-purposing and healthy growth. The yellow represents sunlight for nourishment. The black background of the quilt design represents the rich, loamy soil that has provided a basis of our family farming business in agriculture and delicious food supply from our organic gardens.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Doreen & Bill Taylor


Taylor, Faith, Hope and Love

39359 Nature Centre Rd, Belgrave, ON

Latitude : 43.81253 Longitude : -81.42872

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