The story

The name and theme for this barn quilt was inspired by the generations of Down flower gardeners and related family sprouting green thumbs. These sunflowers are representational of the many sunflower varieties and flower gardens grown through the generations and in particular by Pat-Mom-Grandma. Every year a number of varieties of sunflowers were planted in rows to grow. However, seeds from previous years that sprouted and popped up wherever in the vegetable garden were also allowed to grow or perhaps quickly transplanted as the garden was being tilled and planted. This made rototilling and hoeing sometimes a challenge especially to those helping that liked an orderly row. Four different flowers were chosen to represent Pat’s four daughters and her liking for growing different varieties. As long as Pat could pick it, she would grow it, perfect or imperfect. Yellow was chosen as the predominant colour as it was a favourite of hers. The cream and green were used as background and accent as an acknowledgement of the green and cream trim used on the farm for many years. The quilt was placed on the north side of the bank barn and can be viewed driving south on Morrison Line.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Barb Downs


Sunflowers Down on the Farm

71715 Morrison Line, Exeter, ON

Latitude : 43.38833 Longitude : -81.46362

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