The story

Located at Lot 24/25, Con 10 of Morris-Turnberry Twp, the Shortreed Family Farm was marked as a century farm in 2012. Originally purchased in 1912 by William & Janet Shortreed then run by sn Wilfred and mother Janet when William passed away in 1936. Wilfred married Muriel (MacDonald) 1919-1965 in 1953 and continued to farm until he passed away in 1994. Their daughter Margaret ran a hairdressing business in the family home from 1979-1995 before moving to Blyth with husband Rick McInroy. Wilfred’s son, Bill & wife Valerie carried on the family farm, expanding the business and had 4 children, Jason (1978-2012), Matthew, Bradley & Krista. Matthew and Valerie have continued faring together since Bill’s passing in 202. Matthew married Julie (Moffat) and they currently reside at the family farm with their 2 son’s Connor & Brayden. Consisting of 120 acres, the Shortreed Farm originally milked Airshire cows and raised pigs and chickens. In 1965, Wilfred converted to stocker cattle and cas cropping. Matthew continures to raise stocker cattle, sheep and cash crops. The quilt was created and made by Julie’s mother (Dayle Moffat) to honour the 4 generations of the Shortreed Family that have resided at this farm.Blyth

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Matthew & Julie Shortreed


Shortreed Family Farm

42204 Blyth Rd, Walton, ON

Latitude : 43.68966 Longitude : -81.32734

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