The story

The farm is owned by the Mitchell’s and the Barn where the Quilt is located is about 100 years old, with the IPM 2017 being nearby where i live i thought a barn Quilt on the Century old barn would be nice I chose Cardinals Consorting because of my love for nature and the significance of Cardinals in my life as they are a Spiritual Messenger . When a Cardinal appears it is a representative of a love one who has passed away , when you see a Cardinal it means that person is visiting you . I definitely believe this myth to be true because a Cardinal frequently visit me on my back porch. When when you drive by my barn quilt , maybe by chance you will think of a loved one who has passed.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Deb Coultes


Cardinals Consorting

43332 Cranbrook Rd. Brussles

Latitude : 43.71626 Longitude : -81.22549

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