The story

We have lived at this property for the past five years. It has been inKevin’s family for many years though, with his Grandparents living here previously. Kevin has grown up in Huron County all his life (next dor) and I grew up in Perth County. When we heard about the barn quilt plans for the 2017 IPM we thought it would be a fun project to get involved with. As this year is also the 150th for Canada we wanted to incorporate that as well as the plowing match into our design. We decided to use the 150 Canada logo and the sun as the centre of our design. We also felt that we could show our pride in being Canadian by adding the Maple Leaf to our design.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Kevin & Kim Murray


Proud to Live In Huron County

44282 Sawmill Rd.Walton, ON

Latitude : 43.59473 Longitude : -81.23967

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