The story

Our little 45 acre farm is located on Hwy #4 north of the village of Brucefield. Chris and I bought this farm in 2005 from my parents Fred & Aly Mulder, who had recently bought the farm from Bob and Carol Lebeau. The first few years when people would ask where do you live? a quick way to explain to people would be by saying “do you know where Bob and Carol Lebeau use to live on Hwy #4?, Yep, thats where” In 2005, when we bought the farm, we build a Chicken Barn and Chris and I got married and at that time my daughter Alana was only 7. That was the first of my many busy years to come as next spring we added a son to our family and another son the year after that, then a dog and a 3rd son in 2009. Living on the farm with our family had been a great blessing to us and our kids who attend Huron Centennial school which is a rural school with mostly farm kids. Our 3 sons watched us create the barn quilt and decided to make their own 4×4 ones, which are on our shed. I think this is great cause as time goes on and the boys get older we will be able to look at their quilts and remember them as little boys. When I seen the contest for the IPM Barn Quilt, I thought it would be fun for Chris and I to do as I have seen them around and have always enjoyed looking at them. I found a similar quilt to the one we made on the internet and showed it to Chris and we both like it. He like the challenge of the two squares and I like the color of it and we both agreed that it fits the occasion of Canada’s 150th Birthday. The way the two squares interlock around the maple leaf reminds me that how being Canadian is a part of my circle of life.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Chris & Jan Neutel


Neutel’s Canadian Barn Quilt

76243 London Rd, Brucefield, ON

Latitude : 43.54615 Longitude : -81.52166

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