The story

Welcome to Higgins Line Farms! What you can’t see behind the colourful quilt, is the “perfectly” stacked mow of square bales. Each year with those sunny days comes hay season. We all cringe a little when we see that old red Massey square baler pulled out of its winter resting place. Down on Higgins Line hay season’s a family affair (and I swear Dad (Bruce) waits for the hottest day to bring out that square baler). With Dad on the tractor and the three of us girls on the wagon, we head out to the field. It starts out well, and then the debates begin on how best to build the load, and of course who isn’t working as hard as the others. Then, the unloading begins. Everyone takes their position: Grandpa (Ross) and Shelby putting them on the elevator, and Dad, Ashley, and Laura up in the mow. After a fair bit of squawking as the bales are tossed up, and Laura falls between the bales a few times, we’ve finally got the load off and a “perfect” mow to show for our efforts. Then, that square baler gets tucked away again, until it’s time for straw. Our family farm has evolved over the past 40 years from a herd of beef cows of all colours and a Hereford bull, to a predominantly black herd. A flock of sheep and some miniature horses came and went as us girls grew up. And of course there’s our fat Jack Russell. All three of us have been proud members of Huron County 4-H, participating in beef clubs and sheep clubs over the years. We’re proud to call Huron County home, and are looking forward to welcoming everyone for the IPM this fall. – The Higgins Girls

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Ashley Higgins


Canadian Roots

85598 Higgins Line, Brussels, ON

Latitude : 43.81943 Longitude : -81.30443

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