The story

We are located approximately 8 miles south of Bayfield and 8 miles north of Grand Bend in an area known by the name St. Joseph. We are on the east side of Bluewater Hwy (#21) first residence north St. Peter’s church. The farm consisting of 96 acres has been in the Denomme name since 1916, first purchased by my Grandparents Philip and Annie. My father Anthony was born in the original house which he later purchased in 1948, selling it to us in 1982. The bank barn was erected approx. 1900. It was used mainly for swine till approx. 1998. It is now used and maintained for equipment storage. My spouse Debbie admired Barn Quilts in her travels and decided we should have one. The “Lone Star” barn quilt was purchased and mounted on the barn in August 2016. My mother Adeline and surrounding families were very active in making Quilts throughout her years. Hundreds of Quilts were made in our house with many Quilting bees during my childhood. The Lone Star was one of her favorite designs. The colours, red ,white and blue were chosen to represent Debbie’s British heritage with a nod to Larry’s Quebec’s French descendants by using the blue of Quebec . The red and white also representing the colours of Canada’s flag.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Larry Denomme


Lone Star-Denomme

73498 Bluewater Hwy, Zurich, ON

Latitude : 43.44776 Longitude : -81.70172

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