The story

My husband and I purchased this farm in the spring of 2016. The inspiration that got me started creating this barn quilt was Canada celebrating it’s 150th Anniversary! I centered everything around the maple leaf in the middle to represent Canada. The sunset is to represent Huron County’s sunsets which are known as some of the most beautiful and amazing sunsets in the world. The fields portray the delicate farmland that is the backbone of rural Ontario. The two different blues pay tribute to the stunning beaches along lake Huron which we are lucky enough to call home. I want to dedicate this barn quilt to the memory of my mom, Frances Wynja. She passed away from cancer in 2015 but would have loved the opportunity to design and make a barn quilt – mixing two of her favorite hobbies painting and quilting. Thank you 1PM 2017 this was a wonderful opportunity, it was a lot of fun to create and it’s even more fun finding them on the barns in Huron County!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Sandra Greidanus


Huron County Sunset

81493 Dutch Line, Londesborough, ON

Latitude : 43.68814 Longitude : -81.51831

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