The story

We are the third generation to take over the family farm. In 1946, Russell and Margaret Good bought their first farm just outside of Londesboro.They raised their two children, Helen and Sandra, on their dairy farm. In 1971, Helen married John Lyons and they took over her family farm in 1972. John and helen raised three children, Sara, Tim nd Mike on the family farm. They switched from dairy cattle to beef cattle in 1990. From a very youn age Mike had always been a child that wanted to spend his days helping in the barn or riding in a tractor. To take over his family farm one day, had always been his childhood dream. Mike and his wife, Stacey (nee: Middleton) moved to the farm in the fall of 2011 to run a cash crop and co/calf operation. Mike and Stacey live on the family farm with their young children. Just like their dad the kids love spending time helping in the barn or riding in a tractor, creating the love of farming. The fourth deneration of farming this family farm has begun as our children have their own llama and their own flock of sheep. Stacey decided to do a quilt for the international plowing match beautification project when she seen them going up on barns all over Huron County in the Spring of 2017. After much planning it was time to put the plan into place and create a quilt that represented the family farm. A cow was incorperated in the middle to show the heart of the Lyons Family Farm.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Mike and Stacey Lyons


Heart of the Lyons Farm

39218 Winthrop Rd, Londesborough, ON

Latitude : 43.699097 Longitude : -81.535257

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