The story

We were married in 1968 and moved to this farm in 1974. Our three children, Sean,Tammy & Jason grew up here and after university moved away from the area. We now have five grandsons that enjoy visiting the farm but are “city boys”. This barn quilt is called Flying Geese. It is based on the Underground Railroad story. Slaves from the USA learned to escape and they could take their direction, timing and behaviour from the migrating geese. Geese fly north (to Canada) in the spring and stop at waterways along their journey to rest and eat. They make loud honking noises so it was easy for the runaway slaves to follow their flight pattern. Geese patches could be quilted to show direction by making one set of geese distinct from the others. This block could act as a compass, transforming the quilt into a map.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Bill and Linda Kieffer


Flying Geese

42414 Amberley Rd, Bluevale,ON

Latitude : 43.85705 Longitude : -81.26025

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