The story

The Dale family immigrated to Canada and bought a farm in the Hullett area in 1897. Since that time, it has stayed in the family, with a son from each following generation, purchasing it and farming the land. The five generations that have worked the land are represented by the five colours of brown on the bottom half of the quilt. It being a son from each generation is shown by the sun in the top right corner. The sun also represents growth, positivity and looking for the bright side in any situation. The family farm is now operated by Scott and Erin Dale. They have 3 blue eyed children represented by the three colors of blue in the top half. It is the hope that one day one of the three Dale children will take over the farm and runt the land. This barn quilt represents the proud heritage of the Dale family and the deep roots that have been laid in the Hullett community.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Scott & Erin Dale


Deep Roots

41345 Hydro Line Rd Clinton,ON

Latitude : 43.60032 Longitude : -81.46395

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