The story

This quilt is brought to you by the letter “F”. Each of the blocks represents something that starts with the letter F. We have lived in this Huron County agricultural community since 1989, and the blocks of the quilt represent our family’s life. Chicken: Farming. Over the years we have raised our own meat and laying hens, as well as beef cattle, hogs, geese, ducks and goats. Rocking Chair: Furniture – in our retirement years, we have a small business, where we re-finish and re-paint furniture for our customers. Anchor: Fun! We have a lot of fun in Huron County, and we especially enjoy going boating for the day on Lake Huron. Vegetables: Food. One of the great things about a rural community is that you can grow your own food in your garden. Maple Leaf: Freedom. We are so happy to be Canadians, in a land that is free. Paint Brush: Fusion adds Flair. Our small business is called “Add Some Flair” and we sell Fusion Mineral Paint, and teach workshops, and paint furniture. Cross: Faith. We are glad to be part of a local church in our community. Family: We raised a dozen kids in this home, and our 27th grandchild is due soon. Heart: Friends! We love to have friends drop by for a meal, or a campfire, or a simple visit sitting on the deck. So there you have it. When my kids were little, they loved to watch Sesame Street, whichalways announced, “This show has been brought to you by the Letter…”. When I started dreaming up the pattern for this quilt, and realized that most of my paintings would start with the Letter F, I tweaked it a bit to reflect that.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Janet Billson


Brought by the Letter F

43057 Winthrop Rd, Seaforth, ON

Latitude : 43.61124 Longitude : -81.32788

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