The story

This farm is a branch of Shayrina Sheep Farm. Kayla Bishop bought this farm from Robin Dunbar in 2011. This property is an extension of the family farm of which Kayla is the 4th generation to farm. This quilt depicts our farm of which we enjoy raising and showing sheep. With the horse shoes, this quilt shows the love of horses that Kayla has from recreational riding to driving a carriage in Banff to partaking in a Precision Riding Team. Keshia, Kayla and Kabrina along with parents Kevin and Jacquie Bishop enjoy being advocates for agriculture. This love stemed from hosting tours on the farm where a theatre type setting played host to visitors which included a stage show of 15 different breeds of sheep, our border collie, opportunity to milk our cow, shear a sheep, make a craft, bottle feed animals and negotiate the corn maize. The sheep show was one of the features in the county tent at the 99 IPM. Therefore, the theme of Country at Heart suited our family as everyone is enjoying their chosen career path but enjoy the country way of life.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Kayla Bishop


Country at Heart

44211 Brandon Rd. Ethel, ON

Latitude : 43.72645 Longitude : -81.15101

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