The story

Mac Lilley Farms Limited is a Standardbred Horse Breeding and Training center. The first stallion Zip
Tar, was purchased in 1973. Since then the farm has stood nearly 50 stallions and bred over 10,000 brood mares. The family run operation markets their horses all over Canada and the United States. The Standardbred breed of horses are gentle, intelligent, and rugged. Standardbred horses race in the carts called, sulkies, and usually race a distance of one mile.
The quilt design we developed Incorporates the Lily and horse head logo, used in the farm advertising. The four maple leaves in the corners denote the fact we are a Canadian operation and
the horses running around the outside of the quilt show the animals that we have the pleasure to work with every day. The colours used are also the silk colours we use for racing.


Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Mac Lilley Farms


Horse’n Around

28322 Chalmers Line Dutton/Dunwich, ON

Latitude : 42.6732 Longitude : -81.56914

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