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Farmer’s Wife: Margaret Ward.”This morning I set bread to rise in the warmth from the fireplace, while the two youngest children took turns churning the butter. The churn and two new oak buckets have made life considerably easier, although I still have to thresh, grind and winnow wheat before I can make bread.
“Along with daily chores, I plant and weed the vegetable garden, hill potatoes and each spring I help with sugaring-off when the maple sap starts running. There is a quilt that will have to be tied because there will be no time to quilt it properly before the cold weather arrives. I have most of the blocks cut from old trousers and two coats are waiting to be cut into more blocks.
“There are vegetables to harvest and dry before they are stored in the root cellar. Apples are still hanging on many of the eighty trees in the orchard and I must dig potatoes. I also wash and mend clothes and prepare meals for travelers who stop over at the Inn. The well-known saying, ‘A man works from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done,’ has proven itself true in this wilderness.” Based on excerpt from Rosemary Cranney’s “Through the Eyes of Margaret Ward.”

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Farmer’s Wife

1918 Longwoods Rd., Wardsville ON.

Latitude : 42.65966 Longitude : -81.7488

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