The story

Bright Beginnings

The corn, wheat and tobacco blocks illustrate Bright’s agricultural roots.  Farmer’s fields still surround the village and the corn block also acts as a representational motif of the maize element of our First Peoples and the Three Sisters legend.  Settlers seeking a better way of life and new opportunities also began their lives farming here.
Since 1874, the Bright Brand Cheese and Butter factory has been making amazing cheese.  Bright is renowned for being a small little town with great cheese.  The cheese wheel block proudly celebrates this jewel of our village.
At the center of the quilt is a vibrant red poppy.  This poppy represents our veterans and also acts as a celebration of our country’s rights and freedoms.  Very close to home, on April 11, 2010 Bright native Pte. Tyler Todd was killed in Afghanistan while serving with the 1st Battalion under Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.
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Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Hosted by-Edward and Maribeth Bird


Bright Beginnings

866254 Road 10, Bright, Ontario

Latitude : 43.25745 Longitude : -80.66076

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