The story

                           Cathy Hanson Romaine-183 George St., Ailsa Craig

The iris barn quilt pattern was chosen because of Cathy`s love of gardening, a passion passed down from her grandfather.

This property, composed of three large lots, has been in Cathy`s family since the late 1800`s. It once stood on the edge of town and was large enough to accommodate a few livestock. Inside the barn, writing on the wall indicates that in 1938 it housed pigs and in 1940 a few Jersey cows. Cathy has found halters and various pieces of harness equipment so assumes that there once was a horse kept in the barn as well. The stables for the cows and possibly a horse are still in the barn, as well as chicken nesting boxes. Evidently, there were chickens in the barn as well as in a hen house which once stood between the house and barn and is no longer there. In more recent years, the barn housed a family of feral cats, one of which now resides in the house.

Thanks to Cathy`s artistic neighbor, Nancy, a perfect design has been created for this lovely property, exhibiting a nice blend of town and country!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt :       Cathy Hanson Romaine


Flag Iris

183 George St., Ailsa Craig

Latitude : 43.14575 Longitude : -81.53302

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