The story

Every quilt has a story” The meaning of the Four Directions in Indigenous Culture. West, North, East, South –come the Four Winds, and Four Colours (Black,  Red, White and Yellow).

West: The sun sets, and the day ends…signifying the setting sun of life.The West is also the source of water; rain, streams, rivers, etc. Nothing can live without water; the West is vital.

North: The North brings the cold harsh winds causing the leaves to fall and the earth to rest under ablanket of snow. Facing these winds, we learn patience and endurance.

East: The direction from which the sun comes. The beginning of a new day and an understandingbecause light helps us see things the way they really are. On a deeper level, east stands for the wisdom helping people live good lives.

South: The South stands for warmth and growing. It is said the life of all things comes from the south. According to the indigenous when people pass into the spirit world, they travel the Milky Way’s path back to the South – returning from where they came.

The Scottish Thistle: Scotland’s national flower. Paying homage to our Scottish ancestors who settled in Middlesex County.

The Dutch Tulip: To honour the Dutch who immigrated to Canada, the tulip is the national flower of the Netherlands.

The wheat and corn: An important grain that provided sustenance for the Indigenous and pioneers families.

Bluebird: Some people believe they represent a connection between the living, and those who have passed away.Maurice’s feathered friend, the bluebird is a symbol of joy, happiness and harmony.

The Land:For those before us, and those ahead of us, the love of our land.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Barb Thyssen and Maurice Skinner



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