The story

Baby Blocks –   The large brick house on the south side owned by Jack and Adeline Quarrier RN  at 7221 Longwoods Road Melbourne  was the Lucky Lodge Maternity Hospital from 1948 to 1957. During the summer Mrs. Quarrier operated tourist cabins. In the winter, along with  Dr. H.H. Washburn, G.P. from Melbourne, she provided maternity care to over 500 mothers and new babies.

Francis Kilbourne reads to you the story “Baby Blocks” she wrote for the quilt block installed on the barn owned by Jim and Debbie Atchison, home to Lucky Lodge. Frances’s story comes from the Moravian Diaries which describe the turmoil caused by Proctor’s Retreat and the Battle of the Thames.


Baby Blocks

7221 Longwoods Road Melbourne, ON

Latitude : 42.839321 Longitude : -81.525966

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