The story

Gillis of Belleisle Winery is a modern take on a centuries old tradition. The winery sits at the head of the Belleisle Bay, its vineyards covering the hillsides where cattle once grazed on this former dairy farm. The dairy produced milk and cheese which was sold locally, or shipped to Saint John onboard steamers like “Hampton” and “Springfield” which plied the Belleisle Bay. Now, the fertile soil produces Marquette and Osceola Muscat grapes for wine. The manager’s mother, Judy, chose the Lemoyne Star for the winery. She began sewing when she was 12 after learning from her favourite Home Ec. Teacher. Twenty years ago she pieced her first quilt and hasn’t stopped since. She has passed her skills onto her daughters and granddaughters. She describes the Star as “the first difficult block I encountered” and often returns to it in her quilt projects.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Gillis of Belleisle Winery


Lemoyne Star

1826 Route 124, Springfield, New Brunswick

Latitude : 45.66947 Longitude : -65.83574

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