The story

The land was purchased from the Crown in 1838. It had three previous owners before the Weigands. Eben and Martha Weigand purchased the farm in 1947. It is now owned by their youngest son Jim and Eleanor (Bullock), who where wed in 1970. We have two married sons. Our eldest Dan is married to Traci (Tryon) and they have two girls. They live in Port Elgin and are both teachers. Our youngest Chris is married to Sandra (Loomis) and they have a boy and a girl. They live in McGuffin Hill near Parkhill and both are farmers. Our farm was cash crop and dairy until 1987. We are now cash crop and beef, cow/calf farmers. Our shed was built in April 1978. It is 40 x 100. It was built by Jim and Eleanor along with some very talented neighbours, Willis Walper, Doug Weigand, Delmar Miller, Lenard Becker and Wilmer Desjardine. Emil Becker set the trusses up with his home made craine for total cost of $50. The total cost to build was $14,800. The shop over the years has been a place to build and repair many projects. The quilt consits of the International Harvester symbol representing the make of our choice for machinery. The Canada 150 leaf is for Canada’s birthday. The bottom two quilts were patterns we liked.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Eleanor and Jim Weigand


The Collage

37232 Dashwood Rd,Dashwood, ON

Latitude : 43.34369 Longitude : -81.6575

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