The story

The barn on which this quilt block is mounted is on one of the farms owned by Papple Farms Ltd. Home farm is just across the Kippen Road. The name of this quilt block design is `Wagon Tracks`. It reminds us of all the variety of wagons used over the years. The design itself reminds us of the back lane (wheel tracks with the grass strip in the centre) that farms used to have from the barn to the back of their property. Wagon tracks also make us think of how the settlers arrived here at this farm. In 1846 William Scott and Henrietta Little settled on this farm and built two large barns which were hit by lightning and rebuilt in 1895 on the original foundations. One hundred years later in 1995 Jim Papple made 4 lower barns out of the 2 original barns by splitting the barns horizontally around and lifting the tops off onto new foundations. Then new rafters and roofs were built onto the bottom parts of the barns. From 1885 until 1914 brothers William Scott Jr. and Mathew Scott owned the farm. In 1924 Seaforth Council accepted the $40,000, offered by the executors of the late Scott Brothers, willed to the town for a hospital. Scott Memorial Hospital is now the Seaforth Manor in town. Alex Thompson Simpson and Jemima Duncan bought the farm in 1915. Earl Papple and Olive Pryce bought this farm in 1952 and Jim Papple and Janet Turnbull bought it in 1968. Tyler Papple and Summer Hodgins are also part owners now. Our family has farmed in Huron County for 7-8 generations.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Jim and Janet Papple


Wagon Tracks

42755 Centennial Rd, Seaforth, ON

Latitude : 43.50727 Longitude : -81.4360

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