The story

Welcome to the Layton Family Farm where we raise pet goats, enjoy the company of a variety of birds and grow pumpkins, some really big pumpkins! Each year we plant, pamper, nourish and protect these fragile giants throughout the spring, summer and fall with the hopes of having one outstanding beauty that will make the trip to Port Elgin. Growing competitive giant pumpkins has been a wonderfully rewarding challenge that brings our family and friends together. Our treasured memories led to the creation of our barn quilt, “The Great Pumpkin”. May you enjoy some advice from a pumpkin (author unknown) • Be well rounded • Get lots of sunshine • Give thanks to life’s bounty • Have a thick skin • Keep growing • Be outstanding in your field • Think BIG!

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Denim and Karen Layton


The Great Pumpkin

41051 Huron Rd, Clinton, ON

Latitude : 43.59416 Longitude : -81.48692

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