The story

Who doesn’t love a warm cozy quilt to cuddle up in, on a cold winter’s night, especially one that is handmade with love? For generations, each son and daughter, in the Gross Family, has received a handmade quilt as a wedding gift – and this tradition has continued on today, with all of our grandchildren having received their very own special baby quilt. Completing a quilt for the Huron County Barn Quilt Train, seemed only fitting for a family who loves their homemade quilts! We are very proud that our son, Bryan, and his wife, Mary Ellen, along with their family, are the fifth generation to be farming the Gross Homestead. With that in mind, we felt that our quilt should be symbolic of our farming roots, our family and our Canadian Pride. The pattern that we have proudly displayed is called the “Starburst” and it was prepared and painted by Mary Ellen Gross. The eight pointed star is the focal point of this quilt. Its rich red and white colours show off our Canadian Pride and the eight points are representative of our eight precious grandchildren, all who are very special and definitely light up our life! The green square corners are indicative of our deep farming roots, new growth, and our dependency on Mother Nature. The white lines bordering the star indicate the crossing paths of life and our thankfulness for the many great people we have met throughout our journey on our path of life. Sunshine and the bountiful harvests of wheat, corn, beans and garden produce are protrayed throught the beautiful yellow and orange hues in our quilt. As Huron County residents, we take great pride in our family, our community and our country and are happy to welcome everyone to Ontario’s West Coast.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Bordon & Bernice Gross



39161 Blyth Rd, Auburn, ON

Latitude : 43.75095 Longitude : -81.49306

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