The story

The Schwartzentruber lineage can be traced back ten gernerations to Hans   born 1640 in Trub, Switzerland. Schwartzentruber’s are located in different parts of the world from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, to Pennsylvania, Ohio and in Southwestern Ontario. Our roots go deep and family heritage holds strong ties. This pattern called “Shades of Heritage” is a heritage Mennonite quilt pattern rich in true vibrant Mennonite colours with simple lines showing simplicity but elegance all in one pattern. I have made numerous reproductions of this pattern as crochet afghans, which I have given to members of our family for their homes. We felt that this would be a true symbol of our heritage and an honour to our fore fathers to place this pattern on our family farm at 70212 Babylon line, Crediton, Ontario.

Home of Rick and Karen Schwartzentruber since 1995.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Rick and Karen Schwartzentruber


Shades of Heritage

70212 Babylon Line, Credition, ON

Latitude : 43.307114 Longitude : -81.577586

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