The story

Ken Carnochan has a passion for Oliver tractors and his friend, Betty Hulley, has a passion for quilting. What better way to merge those passions than to commission a barn quilt in honour of the IPM 2017. We wanted a quilt that would honour and focus on Ken’s collection of vintage Oliver tractors, so we went to Cheryl Gardiner with that idea and a copy of the Oliver emblem matching the era of Ken’s tractors. Cheryl ran with the idea and designed a quilt using the Oliver logo and Oliver colours. What was most amazing to us was her use of colour that makes the quilt tartan-like. When we commented on the tartan that she’d created, Cheryl responded, “Oh, I hoped you were Scottish”. Since some members of our Canadian clan still display ties to the ‘old ways’, the Celtic cross visible in the middle of the design seems appropriate as well. The quilt has been named ‘Oliver Carnochan’ and is proudly displayed on Ken Carnochan’s shed on Morrison Line, Huron East.

Name of sponsor of Barn Quilt : Ken Carnochan


Oliver Carnochan

Morrison Line, Seaforth, ON

Latitude : 43.55557 Longitude : -81.49795

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